Your Next Coffee Roasting Machine

Whatever your goals may be, Sonofresco offers an extensive line of state of the art commercial coffee roasting machines. If your goal is to dabble in roasting and establish yourself as the best micro-roaster in town, then the One Pound/Sample Flagship Coffee Roaster may be your best bet. The Sample Flagship roaster allows you to roast 120 gram sample batches or batches of slightly more than 1lb (using approx 1.4 lbs of green beans). If your coffee roasting goals are a bit loftier, consider the Two Pound Flagship Coffee Roaster. The Two Pound Flagship roaster allows you to roast up to three two-pound batches per hour, which equates to 55 pounds of roasted coffee per day! … [Read more...]

4 Essentials to Improving the Taste of Your Roasted Coffee

Sonofresco offers coffee roasting machines for a variety of needs and sizes to help brew the perfect cup of coffee. While the taste and finish of roasted coffee differs, there are certain steps that you can take to make better roasted coffee. By following these four essential steps to improve the taste of roasted coffee, you will enjoy a better cup of coffee. Use Filtered Water Coffee is 98 percent water. There are three choices when selecting water: (1) filter, (2) bottled, (3) tap. Tap water is too full of unpurified sources to be a good choice. Bottled water is often too expensive. Filtered water is often your best bet. The type of water you choose to make coffee … [Read more...]

Sonofresco Coffee Roasting Machines Guide

Coffee roasting machines are mechanical devices that can make your coffee taste like a slice of heaven! They come in different shapes and sizes, and, of course: price as well. Still, the most expensive coffee roasting machines aren’t necessarily the best ones. One thing to bear in mind – coffee roasting machines don’t equal coffee makers. It’s an entirely different premise. Because many people relish being scientific when preparing their coffee, blending their morning beverage is a delight, and a range of coffee roasting machines gives you a chance to experience the most customization of your coffee. The Concept Behind Roasting Your Coffee The prevailing objective … [Read more...]

Tips for Better Roasting using your Sonofresco Coffee Roaster

There are a couple of items that it is with emphasizing to even our longest Sonofresco Coffee Roasters which will help ensure better quality consistent roasts. Clean your screen. A clean screen is the single most important item when roasting your coffee. It ensures an even flow of air. Without that free flow of air the roaster does not roast evenly and you will have a darker roast than you expect. Use your wire brush. If you have lost it we sell replacements at a very low cost. Be especially vigilant with decaffeinated green beans. There is very little chaff but the small fines that accumulate around the edge of the chaff screen need to be removed Soak your screen. … [Read more...]

Tips For better Home Roasting Based Coffee

Since roasting green coffee beans is both an art and a science, everyone needs time to work out what works best for them. Everyone’s taste buds are just that little bit different and it is always a challenge to find that perfect cup of coffee that will suit the majority of tastes. Here are a few basic pointers to help your roast get better./ Have adequate ventilation. Roasting in a back yard, barn or porch is one way to ensure you have proper ventilation as fumes will be emitted from the roaster while you roast. Sonofresco roasters have to be vented to the outside air. So if you move indoors either use certified vent pipe directly through the wall or have the attractive … [Read more...]

The Different Stages of Green Coffee Bean Roasting

  Roasting coffee for a home or commercial business will be a learning experience. Anyone new to the process will want to understand the proper length of time to keep beans roasting. Once you have that down, you can get more specific about matching flavor profiles of green coffee beans to the proper roast times. Here are different stages of roasting to identify:   Green to yellow. When you start heating the beans, you will notice a grassy smell and the green beans you started with become lighter in color (almost yellow). Steaming. Like other agricultural products, green coffee beans hold onto a certain amount of water. Once the beans are roasted for … [Read more...]

Cafe Femenino – Great coffee – Great cause

Café Femenino. It’s a great story. The foundation works through well-established in-country farming cooperatives to foster positive change not only in the quality of coffee grown but also to reduce poverty and abuse. Micro loans and grants are provided to women in the poorest and least accessible areas of coffee growing countries. Typically these women perform much of the physical labor required to grow and harvest coffee yet they have almost no influence on decisions about their family’s income. Through grants better education, nutrition and health can be provided to everyone living in those villages. Through increased quality of the coffee produced better wages can be … [Read more...]

What Decaffeinated coffee should you drink this holiday Season?

As the holiday season approaches the need for a great tasting decaffeinated coffee to end an evening becomes an important consideration. Sonofresco has a range of 5 excellent decaffeinated coffees for you to choose from. All of them have great flavors and have managed to retain similar taste profiles as their underlying coffees have prior to decaffeination. As we all know, decaffeination is the removal of caffeine from green coffee beans. To have the label decaffeinated in the USA means that 97-99.9% of the caffeine had been removed. Swiss water Processed Decaf coffees are guaranteed to be 99.9% caffeine free. There are 4 distinct ways to remove caffeine, several of … [Read more...]

How to Use Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) to Improve Your Roasted Coffee

Development of unique aromas and flavors in different coffees is closely related to the time-temperature profile used during roasting. In general low-temperature-long-time roast profiles result in sour, grassy, woody, and underdeveloped flavors, whereas high-temperature-short-time profiles create wonderful aromas and pleasing tastes. The complex changes taking place in green coffee beans during roasting depend more on the time-temperature path taken than the starting and end points of the roast. During roasting the color, smell, and structure of the green coffee beans undergo significant development. Caramelization results in a gradual darkening of the beans, and a … [Read more...]

Why Vent Your Coffee Roaster?

A properly designed and installed venting system is necessary to conduct flue gases produced by the combustion of fuels in appliances and the byproducts of coffee roasting to the outdoors. Understanding how to properly vent the Sonofresco coffee roaster will ensure safe and proper operation of your coffee roaster. In addition to ventilation options offered by Sonofresco, custom installations are acceptable when proper codes are followed. Open Air Roasting The simplest means for venting is to roast outside of the building. Many new roasters will start roasting outside on a deck, driveway, or at a farmers market, all of which are acceptable locations and offer … [Read more...]